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26 Best Rated Cordless String Trimmer of June 2021 » Top Reviewed Products

Whether we are discussing the gas or battery-powered, the comfort of the best cordless string trimmers might not be overstated. Investigating enhancing from the cumbersome corded version? We might assist you in seeking the ideal substitution with our specific reviews of the great cordless string trimmers this year.

Based on information around the excellent cordless string trimmers you could purchase, you will seek a beneficial purchaser's tip below on how to select the correct trimmer for your lovely yard’s particular demands.

Wherever you are in the shopping procedure, we might assist you in making a purchase so that you could take to trimming the lawn’s stubborn grass or weeds as soon as possible.    

The article was rated by The Frugal Fairy 26 Cordless String Trimmer with the best brands in the field such as: PAXCESS, Makita, BLACK+DECKER, WORX, Greenworks, Evary, AchiForce, DEWALT, Earthwise, ....

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Cordless String Trimmers Purchasing Tips

Some key factors to care about when you buy the best cordless string trimmers

If you are a beginner to the globe of lawn care, you can not be familiar enough with the best cordless string trimmers to understand how to select the ideal one for you. Stay tuned, and other home-owners are in a similar boat.

It is why we have put that purchaser tip to make you know everything you want to grab during browsing for the best trimmers.

On top of it, when you have determined the power source, it is a period for the heavy component. Of the 12 versions available, you need to find out which is the most worth your bucks based on the yard’s size and circumstances.

In this part, we will clarify the crucial specs we took to rank the high selections. You could compare those similar specifications to make you get the ideal option before you purchase.


We test the string trimmer’s power distinctively based on the power source. When it comes to gas, we take the cubic centimeters to simulate the engine’s size that directly influences power output. As for the battery-powered, we test power output from the battery’s voltage.

The big engine or higher battery will generate a lot of power that shows it might drive the string via deeper grass and weeds without being bogged down. It is tough to compare the various power measurements, but you might determine as a principle which the gas trimmer might be stronger than the electric one.

Cutting swath

The string trimmers width head can identify the cutting swath, or the zone it might trim at once. Thanks to a huge cutting head, you could cover the ground in less time, and complete the job quicker.

According to our leading selections, you may have realized that gas trimmers are likely to get a lot of bigger cutting swaths than electric. It is one reason we highly suggest gas over electric for big attributes.

However, a tinier cutting head might usually be useful for maneuvering in strict spots.

Line diameter

Line diameter shows how deep of the string the trimmer might hold. The deeper string is quite long-lasting and might slice via deep growth so that a lot of strong trimmers are likely to take the deeper string.

As usual, the line which is up to 0.08 inches in diameter is deep enough for your demands. If you hope to do a wider range of heavier tasks with the trimmer, you might need to care about one which grabs an ultimate grade 0.095 inches.


The best cordless string trimmers might weigh over 10 pounds that can present a race for owners with restricted upper body power like the seniors.

Keep alert to the trimmer’s weight before you purchase one so that you do not finish wearing your own out each time you need to trim or deal with the yard.

Other string trimmers might attach to the shoulder strap to brighten the load on the arms.


The string trimmers’ cost might fluctuate so much, ranging between $100 and $500. In other words, you will realize that the battery powered weed eaters are quite pricey than gas ones. At this time, some gas versions are considerably bigger and stronger than some of the battery-powered choices, and that is why they are nearer in the cost range.

Warnings: While you are glancing at the best cordless trimmers, you have to be careful with the phrase “bare tool”. If you purchase it, it might not equip with a battery or charger so that you will purchase those independently that might boost up your expense considerably. 

Best Cordless String Trimmer Reviews

1. WORX WG930.3 20V PowerShare 10" Cordless String Trimmer 

The first cordless string trimmer that you need to purchase right away is WORX WG930.3. It provides you with a GT revolution that can transform from the trimmer into the wheeled edger. Moreover, there are no tools included. Next, users can determine while they want more lines with modern on-demand command feed tech. This string trimmer can work with Worx 20V and 40V tools and external products.

Besides, the telescoping shaft is a whole foot longer than the traditional GT so that it might take up taller clients. As for turbine technology, thanks to realistic jet engine builds, the leaf blower can spin out until 360 CFM for a deep or air stream. The quieter blower with an active intake design can operate like the jet engine, but it’s little tranquil. The battery can last longer to help you do a wide range of work.


  • It operates very well.
  • The blower is handy to use.
  • The telescoping shaft can accommodate the higher users.


  • Some users complained about the string trimmer’s thickness.

2. Makita XRU15PT1 Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 

If you need the string trimmer which does it all ultimately well, you should stick with this Makita XRU15PT1 cordless string trimmer. On the other hand, it attracted us with a wide range of power or displayed to us that it might stimulate even the resistant weeds and even plants. The ergonomic grip gets wielding to be convenient and supports its straightforward usage. It’s not specifically loud rather than various versions in the group and brings a better runtime.

Next, we had to seem tough to seek the disadvantages of this cordless string trimmer, and they were minimal. We had to surf the tips to find out how to substitute the line as soon as it can run out. There is more weight to tackle for that trimmer, but because that weight is quite well-balanced with the ergonomic grip. Besides, we could not realize it to be an issue. If you need a durable trimmer that might deal with all of your weed-consuming demands, then we suppose this trimmer is an outstanding option. 


  • It offers outstanding battery life.
  • It is simple to use.
  • The weed-eating efficiency is great.


  • It is quite expensive.

3. WORX WG184 40V Power Share 13" Cordless String Trimmer 

As the Worx WG184 trimmer takes double 20V lithium-ion batteries, it keeps compatible with the Worx 20V tools. The trimmer even shows the command feed line along with better speed control. The command feed can bring a ¼ inch line for the button’s touch. It removes the bump-feed operation effectively. You even eliminate the procrastination as you could maintain cutting when you take the tool more than 0.09-inch line.

Apart from it, that splendid tool can turn between trimming and edging from hitting an orange button with the shaft or rotate the head. Thanks to detachable usage, the wheel can determine the edge or store it along the trimmer shaft if possible.

Rather than offering the Low/Hi gearbox, this cordless weed eater offers you a better speed trigger. We do not consider getting variable speed for the trimmer, but the low-speed gear particularly does greatly to ensure the long battery.


  • The modern feed spool system provides a stable line.
  • Users could increase the speed during their run with the tough grass.
  • It is customizable so that you might seek a suitable position.


  • The lock for the speed control trigger is tough to use.

4. Greenworks 40V 13-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

The Greenworks string trimmer brings a unique position in users’ hearts. On the other hand, it is a trimmer that might admit the power tools’ attachments. That easily shows you might eliminate the string trimmer and plug in the leaf blower and edger. It is powered by a 40V battery that supports 2Ah and 6Ah variants.

The battery offers around one hour of runtime for every whole charge based on the speed setting. Moreover, the battery gets some years to charge. Also, it shows the brushless motor that effectively propels the trimming 0.08-inch double trimming line to deal with your grasses in the yard.

For individuals who get a tough time tackling grasses, this machine will assist the end of your issues with the brush attachment which might cut away the grasses.

The battery life is about the 2Ah battery. The 6Ah battery choices are available but can set the back for some additional bucks. In reality, we are not fans of the bump to feed line technique of feeding the trimming line. An easy feed button or automatic feed trait might save the day.


  • The gas-free design can remove the gas issue.
  • It is lightweight and trustworthy.
  • The pivoting head permits edging and trimming ability with the wheel.


  • The guard is quite flimsy and tough to use with tall grasses.

5. WORX WG163.8 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" 

It brings much more in common with the leading pick from a similar brand, but it’s less strong and less pricey. Although it spends less, this model brings a lot of similar leading attributes like the WG191. In other words, it supports the same cutting head which pivots 90 degrees to meet the yard’s nooks, and edger mode finishes with heavy-duty guiding wheels.

To make it good, this version assists with not one but dual 20V batteries. You might keep the additional battery on charge to take while the initial battery can run out of juice to expand the working time or take the battery for a particularly distinctive WORX power tool.

Consumers claim that this version is surely not produced for heavier tasks. If you make the grass long between cuttings, the trimmer might get bogged down rapidly. This WORX WG163.8 operates best while you take it frequently to make grass at a suitable height.  


  • It is quite pricey.
  • It equips with an additional 20V battery.
  • It is a bit lightweight.


  • It has a low voltage battery.
  • It could not operate if the grass is long.



1. How can you maintain the best cordless string trimmers? 

As for the best cordless string trimmers, you will get to sanitize the underside frequently and reload the trimmer line when you run out. The gas string trimmers request engine maintenance, containing substituting the air filter and altering the oil.

2. Is it fine to hang the string trimmer vertically?

Sure, you could hang the string trimmer (also gas) vertically without leading to any problems.

3. Could the higher Ah battery offer the string trimmer more power?

The battery’s Ah is involved in running time rather than power. The higher voltage particularly means a lot of power, higher Ah shows a longer run time.

4. What is the distinction from trimmer to edger?

Lawn edgers are built to deal with edges and make boundary lines, while the string trimmer is built to maintain these boundary lines. On the other hand, both might assist the lawn to be sharper. In addition to that, it can limit these shaggy things. There is other equipment that might be utilized to the trim and edge.

5. Could I take a string trimmer for edging?

You might particularly edge with the string trimmer. It requires practice and never truly fits the accuracy of the edge tool, but it might be finished. You have to get the time and ideal your method, or do not beat your own over some mauled zones as you are studying.


Whether your lawn is not more than half an acre, the best cordless string trimmers will be much more comfortable than the corded one. Thanks to the cordless feature, you get an unlimited mobility range, and you do not sweat accidentally running through the extension cord.

Here are a host of gas and battery-powered trimmers which might offer you that comfort and our leading selections are some of the perfect ones at this moment.       

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