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29 Best Rated Nakiri Knife of June 2021 » Top Reviewed Products

Are you keen on making Nori rolls, or Kappamaki? Could you hope to get the blade that makes it better for you to cut paper-thin vegetables for a while when even retaining the taste or the color of the veggies?

If sure, you might browse for the ideal Nakiri knives. That excellent kind of Japanese veggie knife is smartly built for operating on seedless veggies. The name Nakiri is extracted from “Na” which shows a leaf and “Kiri” which displays cutting. In short, we will make a list of the best Nakiri knives on the current market. Now, let’s begin with the valuable information below.

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Nakiri Knife Purchasing guide

Great tips of picking out the best Nakiri knives

As each new on the market supposes are the super best, so the way to find out which one is proper? Other variables identify the leading Nakiri knives. You want to know them prior to making any option. 


Handle quality is the next important consideration. You want a knife that can operate so effectively and is handy to tackle. Handles which get ergonomic layouts that meet the hand curves are simple to grip or move for intervals. 

Moreover, in case you have taken a business handle, or you are not as likely to slide yourself.


Among the factors to care about during searching for that knife might be that the material. When they even want to sharpen a minimum once annually, they can maintain expected sharp cutting performance. 

It is even crucial to be aware that carbon steel knives are a bit sturdy and tend to rust more than the stainless steel counterparts are. However, you might avoid breaking or rusting by cleaning the knives and drying them right away. 

Blade’s length

The least duration of the blade around the knife is 5 inches. Therefore, chopping is a little bit easy and safe. We highly recommend that you test the blade length prior to making a purchase. 


Measured by Rockwell, the hardness makes sure that the knife could not get the fragile blade which can divide in partial when it might slip out of the clasp. The Rockwell hardness for 62 is considered tough and suggests that you go with it. 

Hints for using the best Nakiri knives

  • While using, then only cut the down or up motion. Prevent from trying to slice veggies with that knife. Next, you can maintain the palms bent and touch the knuckles better into the blade. Afterward, glide up the knife or down in the straight. 
  • Users could clean the Nakiri knife right away after taking it. If you can be cutting a lot of vegetables after, rinse the knife by taking the fresh kitchen towel before putting it aside. 
  • Stay away from trying to cut frozen vegetables because it can ruin or dull the blade. 
  • Although the knife’s plan considerably lowers the risk’ possibility, it is even super crucial to use it accurately and make an alert during trimming with it. Besides, make sure that the grip is handy but firm. Test the blade’s sharpness regularly like the dull blade requests better pressure to utilize that can result in incidents.     
  • Choose a great chopping board and stably cut on the flat surface. 
  • Keep the knife in the hand with the palms on one side, your index finger on the blade’s surface along with the rest three fingers on the grip, and accurate control offers a company grip in addition to the accurate control.
  • Like various sharp knives, you even expect to make sure you can use them with the traction so that you are capable of maintaining the control. 
  • Rubbing the light oil’s coating on the knife is yet the next step you might care about whenever you are completed with it. That offers a protective coating to prevent it from rusting.

Best Nakiri Knife Reviews

1. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife, 5.5 Inch Tsuchime Finished Blade

This excellent Shun premier Nakiri knife plays a crucial role as the ideal Nakiri knife. Thanks to the strong look, this product has brought a whole bunch of chefs’ eyes. Aside from offering the ideal rustic look, that knife is a great version for a lot of fabulous knives. 

The way this knife operates is quite better and attractive. From the perfect result, the knife displayed other cutting-edge facilities to the chef. The blade is slimy and most great to chop the cabbage with whole board coverage. Besides, the edge can be angled greatly with the handle as well. There is no opportunity that the food is stuck with the blade because of the hand-hammered complete. Thanks to the simple-grip, you might lift up that version with less pressure and slice the veggies. 

On top of it, the whole knife brings a surprising complete look that uplifts the shun knives quite precisely. The blade is quite sharp, slimy which can release the clingy food which might be stuck in the blade right away. 

Finally, this Shun Premier knife equips with the leading ability to defeat the user’s heart by its fancy look and service. 


  • It is suitable for getting a strong-looking knife.
  • It provides simple veggies and fruit cutting processes.
  • It is beneficial for the hectic kitchen.
  • The durability of the Shun premier nakiri knife is fabulous.


  • It is highly suggested for cleaning hands after taking it. 

2. Shun Cutlery Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife

The Shun traditional is the brand that is common for its ultimate efficiency and great beauty. The knife from this brand is the dual-bevel blade constructed for slicing more veggies and fruit into slimy sheets. 

Next, the steel blade into this product is derived from the brand’s VG-max steel which is clad with some Damascus alloy steel layers. The cutting edge is particularly sharp just like various Shun Nakiri traditional blades. The blade’s sharpness is quite simple for cooking to make precise veggie sheets and even slices. The most fabulous around the blade is that it sanitizes simply and can not stain. It is fabulous for julienning more carrots or dicing onions and peeling potatoes for various tasks. 

As for the handle, it shows the D-shaped pakkawood handle which brings a better handle that permits the safe grip. Moreover, the handle conveys so effectively with the dual bevel blade thereby carrying around the uniformity for slicing. You can take the blade swift and simple, particularly when making accurate cuts. 


  • It is simply sharpe-able by hand.
  • The Shun Cutlery Classic knife works so well.
  • It is simple to clean 
  • It is quite resistant to corrosion. 


  • It is not appropriate for cleaning in the dishwasher. 

3. Wusthof Classic 7" Nakiri Knife 

That knife is equipped with the flexibility of the pristine cleaver particularly made for vegetables in relation to the chef knife’s qualities. The impressive point of this great knife comes with a no-stick blade taking the border in the Granton construction, or sloping on the side so that you might cut or slice beautifully. 

The blade of Wusthof Classic is around 35% sharper and makes the edge longer than the customary blade in Asia trend. The benefit, when cutting-edge, makes air pockets since the veggie being cut is spread simply.

Last but not least, that version might be built by using accuracy-forged techs or high-carbon no-stain steel. Talking to its handle, it’s wrapped nearby the whole tang that offers both leading equilibrium and maneuverability. 


  • It has a pretty design. 
  • The sharpness is great.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This knife is durable and comfy.


  • It is quite heavy, compared to other knives.      

4. Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

The Mercer Culinary Nakiri blade is a unique veggie knife with a black handle. It can display high-quality non-staining Japanese alloy steel which can withstand discoloration and rust. It is particularly constructed for long-lasting usage and power. The incredibly sharp blade can be suitable for chopping and cutting as well. 

When it comes to the NSF-certified knife, you might be sure that it can fit and exceed expectations. Based on its construction quality to the ergonomic handle, the blade is built for better use in the kitchen during operating with veggies and fruit. The safe handle avoids any likelihood of injuries and cuts happening during taking the blade. 

For the target of resilience, and performance, that Nakiri Mercer knife represents a single piece of alloy steel. The high-carbon steel is super simple to clean and stain-resistant. Thus, while taking the knife, you should not worry about it being discolored by cutting via acidic foods and those with pure colors. That steel blade is even very simple to maintain. 


  • It offers simple blade maintenance.
  • The edge retention is outstanding.
  • This Japanese vegetable knife is certified by NSF.
  • It is simple to sharpen with your hands. 


  • The ultra-sharpness might lead to potential risk if mishandled. 

5. Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Nakiri

The final Nakiri knife on our list is Yoshihiro VG-10. The knife is the next leading choice to purchase the knife for cutting fruit or veggies. The blade is even shown with cutting-edge technologies. The steel’s hardness and its layered hammered steel offer better edge retention and beauty. 

However, the whole tang edge is available to serve the operation of cutting the fruit grabbing the entire board’s space. The wood with which the handle is derived, or seen as the leading option. The entire construction of the knife is simulated after the tiny cleaver knife. 

Apart from it, the knife is produced from materials which have become the perfect knife. Besides, its hand-crafted finishing is one of the types. 

In short, the knife is expected since it brings a charming look and offers some leading types of services. 


  • It might crash the garlic
  • The build is sturdy
  • It offers a simple gripped handle. 


  • It requests regular sharpening.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all Yoshihiro knives excellent?

Sure, the brand is certainly a famous name to purchase the new Nakiri knife from. 

2. Could I take it to substitute the chef knife?

The answer is No. They are distinctive beasts, and you might take them for their leading targets. 

3. Could that kind of cutter retain the edge in the long term?

In reality, the knife can not last immortally. On the other hand, you might usually store it appropriately, and take knife sharpeners to maintain the sharpness. 

4. How could you use the best Nakiri knives?

While using the best Nakiri knives, you have to follow a particular style. While taking that blade, you might go it in the up-down movement. You could not push or pull it along with a horizontal movement. Make a firm stance onto the handle for accuracy. 

5. How can you sharpen the knife?

There are many solutions on how you could sharpen the Nakiri. However, the leading ways of sharpening that blade are by hand taking the sharpening steel rod. You might get the electric sharpener which is particularly built for cleavers. 

6. Is the veggie knife beneficial?

Nakiri blades can be some of the most beneficial knives, particularly for users. It is since the blades permit you to make veggies carefully by slicing and mincing them in a good way you enjoy. 

7. Why are Japanese knives so pricey even with the veggie knives?

The key reason why the cost of Japanese knives is often particularly higher than that of various blades is because of the leading build quality of knives. Moreover, those blades can use the ideal materials and assist with realistic designs with the outstanding feature. 


In sum, we enjoy claiming that selecting a great version is rather difficult a job without fundamental understanding. That item review might support you to make a high decision based on your demands from where you are capable of taking it so far.

We have discussed the best Nakiri knives over with advantages and disadvantages. In general, we have claimed basic purchasing guides. We expect now you are all set to make the link and ensure your purchase.   

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